DRAG ME OVER THE RAINBOW emerged from the collected works of many dusty home recordings and experimental noise projects made by Mat Russo (guitar/vox/projections) between 2011 and 2015. Mat uprooted his life and moved from Boston to Austin in 2014 in search of a more suitable backdrop for his solo DMOTR project. In 2016, while teaching Nikki Barathy (bass/vox) how to transfer her guitar skills to bass, drummer Mike Doyle was added to round out the full band.

DMOTR live shows are like a super caffeinated cold brew drink: 1 part erratic psych-pop poured slowly over warped live projections and 1 part crunchy visuals. It’s no coincidence that the paranoid­ kraut rock melodies writhe and dissipate like the come up/come down of a caffeine overdose.